Cafe, Tsuguharu Foujita. 1949.
By again 
Portrait of myself ; By 
George Braque. 
Picasso, Crane de boeuf 
Balthus, Roi des chats, 1935.
Walker Evans. 
Modigliani, Elena. 



"When I first came across Karen Knorr’s photography…I was struck by the beauty, blissfully unaware of the conflicting story underlying the series’ architecture. Knorr took to the Mughal and Rajput palaces, havelis and mausoleums to capture the relationship between the upper caste and ‘the other’ through large format analogue photography. The series highlights ‘men’s space (mardana) and women’s space (zanana)’ through the consideration of ‘caste, femininity and its relationship to the animal world.’ The digitally placed animals serve to represent the transmigration of historic female characters, such as Sita and Amrita, now challenging the modern male hierarchy.

This is a guest post done by Mango Popsicle for Kyoorius. To see more of the series, visit the original post here.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Happy 72nd Birthday, Muhammad Ali.